Conferência da WABC sobre Coaching Executivo e Empresarial
Boletim Informativo – Ano 01, Setembro de 2007 – Número 01
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Participação Brasileira no Encontro da WABC

Nossa presidente Dra. Rosa Krausz, fará parte da conferência sobre Coaching Executivo e Empresarial, promovida nos dias 19 e 20 de maio Em Vancouver, Canadá. Rosa participará da discussão de diferentes táticas aplicáveis a um estudo de caso, juntamente com Kate Lanz (Holanda) e Michael Fahie (Australia).

Veja abaixo a descrição do evento:

TEAM COACHING TACTICS: Advanced Topics and Techniques
Kate Lanz, Michael Fahie and Rosa Krausz

Experience for yourself advanced team coaching techniques and a leading-edge performance tracking process using an actual case study. Learn which state-of-the-art techniques are being used globally in team coaching. Gain insight into key frameworks, their applications, and the dos and don'ts of effective team coaching. Share your best practices with fellow participants.

Kate Lanz (Netherlands) is an executive coach with a powerful blend of multinational experience. She has lived and worked in six countries and brings over 12 years of corporate experience to her practice. Kate's distinctive competence involves combining direct business experience with a psychodynamic perspective. Her clients include Diageo, Ernst & Young and Time Warner.

Michael Fahie (Australia), Managing Director and lead coach at Coaching Relationships Global, specializes in relational leadership coaching and team coaching. In practice for over 20 years, he is especially interested in coaching senior leadership teams and individuals, and has a proven record of turning around teams with entrenched performance and relationship issues.

Rosa Krausz (Brazil), a senior consultant, teacher, writer and executive coach, is Director of Intelectus, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With over 30 years of experience behind her, Rosa works with executives on leadership, interpersonal relations, time management, conflict management and power management issues, focusing on organizational and professional results.

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